19 Sep 2018 7:07 PMSimone Wilson ADJOURNMENT - BRIBIE ISLAND ROAD - 19 SEPTEMBER 2018

It belies belief that the state Labor government can look a $20 million gift-horse in the mouth, but that is exactly what has happened when the federal government gifted $20 million to fast-track vital upgrades on Bribie Island Road in my electorate.

It is not every day that part of the state road network is given a $20 million injection. One would think that the Minister for Transport and Main Roads would be the first out of the blocks to get this funding into play for the people in my electorate, but this is not the case. On the day this funding was announced I personally wrote to the Premier and the Minister for Transport—and I table the letter—so there could be no mistake of federal funding being ready and waiting to go.

Some three months later the Minister for Transport and Main Roads finally replied to my letter and he even took the time to pen a little handwritten comment that reads—


PS—Any lobbying of your Canberra colleagues to unlock this funding certainly can't hurt, Simone.


I also table that.


Clearly the minister is too lazy to do his own homework and, if he cared to ask, he would discover that I have in fact had numerous conversations with the federal government regarding this funding that I fought hard for. If he cared to ask, he would be pleased to know that the $20 million has never been locked since it was announced on 6 July this year. It is there ready and waiting for him. I have done my part. The only roadblock is the minister himself.

The Palaszczuk Labor government is on track to hit $83 billion in debt and the Minister for Transport and Main Roads literally will not take money that has been offered to it. This funding is so important to the parents who drive their children each day to St Michael's school and are forced to navigate a highly dangerous intersection on Old Toorbul Point Road. It is important to the residents living within the Spinnaker Drive precinct who become gridlocked on weekends and public holidays when trying to exit on to Bribie Island Road.


It is most important for the commuters who drive along Bribie Island Road and residents who have waited patiently for the state government to start improving conditions by putting in a dual carriageway and intersection so that their travel along this vital road is safe and not congested. It is of the utmost importance to the emergency service personnel who navigate, under intense circumstances, the poor conditions of this road when attending to potentially lifesaving emergencies. The minister needs to stop playing politics with this funding, do his job and get on with putting this funding to good use for the residents in my electorate and the sooner the better.


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