Budget 2018: More Taxes, More Debt, No Relief, No Interest in Pumicestone

13 Jun 2018 5:30 PMSimone Wilson

Member for Pumicestone, Simone Wilson, has slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s fourth budget as nothing more than a budget of taxes, debt and unemployment.

Ms Wilson said local residents have been calling her to express their anger that Pumicestone has been left out of this year’s budget.

“It really has been a slap in the face for locals when they opened the papers to see that there is nothing in this budget for Pumicestone other than being slugged with higher taxes and more state debt.

“With an $83 billion Labor debt bomb, we all end up paying for this in some way or another.

“Labor loves to give our money to the banks with the debt interest bill alone totalling $3.7 billion each year.  That’s $71 million a week, $10 million a day, over $420,000 an hour or more than $7,000 per minute.

“This enormous debt will be saddled onto our children and their children to pay back for generations to come.” Ms Wilson said. 

Not satisfied with raising the cost of living yet again, Ms Wilson said it was beyond disappointing to see no commitment by the State Government to Pumicestone’s most-urgent transport infrastructure needs.

“There’s no funding to upgrade Beachmere Road, no funding to install traffic lights at Spinnaker Drive and important upgrades to Old Toorbul Point intersection pushed into the long grass” 

Ms Wilson said that there were also genuine concerns over the impacts of this budget on the Pumicestone small business community. 

“Local small businesses have been hit with a new waste tax that will take in $1.3 billion over four years.

“This is nothing more than a blatant tax grab that the Labor Government happily admits will raise more money than required, as they pocket one third of the revenue for pet projects” Ms Wilson said. 

Ms Wilson said residents would continue to feel the pain of higher costs of living under this Labor Government. 

“Local residents are already paying more for electricity, more for their water, they feel the pinch every time they go to the fuel pump and of course car rego continues to sky rocket.  The price slugs on all of these basic amenities are hurting locals”, Ms Wilson said. 


  • Planning works to upgrade Bribie Island Road: $1 million funding cut, delayed by another year
  • Upgrade to Beachmere Road: $0 in funding 
  • Install traffic lights at Spinnaker Drive intersection: $0 in funding
  • Install traffic lights at Old Toorbul Point Road intersection: Refusal to urgently bring forward from 2019/2020 construction date
  • $2.25 billion in new taxes and fees over the next four years
  • 5 new taxes:
  1. waste tax - $1.32 billion 
  2. wagering tax - $367 million 
  3. land tax - $311 million 
  4. property investors tax - $132 million 
  5. car stamp duty - $100 million 
  • 4 new fees on Veterinarians, Homestay Regional, Labour Hire companies and Hazard Perception licencing.