Labor – This is No Way to Run a State

8 Jun 2018 9:00 AMSimone Wilson

Member for Pumicestone, Simone Wilson MP has slammed the Queensland Government’s lacklustre performance in Parliament following Labor’s new rules to reduce sitting hours.

“If ever there was reason to believe that Anastacia Palaszczuk and her Labor Government are not working for Queensland, last month was it. 

“Across two full sitting weeks of Parliament, Labor could only be bothered to debate and pass just two pieces of legislation,” Ms Wilson said. 

Ms Wilson said that important legislation requiring debate on the floor of Parliament is not being brought forward because the Labor Government have given themselves an early mark on sitting days.

“The Labor-imposed reduced sitting hours of Parliament is really just code for less accountability to the Queensland taxpayer. 

“Queenslanders deserve better and I don’t think any member of the public would consider this acceptable,” Ms Wilson said.

Ms Wilson said that upon entering Parliament she believed politicians were elected to represent their constituents to their fullest capacity, not pack up early to go home on sitting days.

“The Queensland Parliament has sat only five times this year and with little time given for debate there is even less time for local Members to stand up for the needs of their communities.” 

Ms Wilson said that Pumicestone residents want important issues like ever-increasing electricity prices, water bill hikes, and rego increases addressed. 

“Labor’s determination to leave Parliament early every sitting day means that important issues, the issues that really affect our day-to-day lives, are continually pushed into the long grass. 

“During the ‘one hour only’ debate on Labor’s change to Standing Orders for sitting hours, the LNP stood up for every Queenslander to have their Parliament work hard for them, as it rightly should. 

“We said if that meant sitting into the late night to debate important Bills, then that’s what we were prepared to do.

“Parliament after all is the People’s House, but on the evidence so far, you could be forgiven for thinking that the issues effecting the people of Queensland were an inconvenience to Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Government.

“Sadly we can continue to expect less from the Palaszczuk Government as they preference their own down-time over the needs of Queenslanders”, Ms Wilson said.