It is concerning that this government has not kept pace with the necessary road upgrades in the Pumicestone electorate and, as a result, motorists’ safety is being put at risk. Beachmere Road is a prime example of this.

As a frequent user of this road, I am familiar with the problems that motorists encounter. As people go about their daily business on this road, they have to contend with very narrow driving lanes, long sections of the road having no shoulders and a road surface with bumpy patches of pothole repairs—which all increases the danger to motorists. The count of near misses on Beachmere Road is racking up every day.


I recently asked the Premier if she would commit funds to this upgrade of Beachmere Road. The response I received may as well have read, ‘Sorry, not on our radar.’ This is why hundreds of people to date have signed my petition calling on the government to fund an upgrade to make this road safer. This government must listen to residents. One local told me he takes a longer alternative route to the Bruce, adding 20 minutes to his drive, because Beachmere Road is too dangerous. Another told me about her near miss when a car veered out of its narrow lane into her path, barely missing her vehicle. To avoid being hit, Kim had to run off the road onto the grass as there was no sealed shoulder. Thankfully, for Kim and the children she had on board, she was able to recover, regain control and get safely back on to the road.


Sections of Beachmere Road have only 2.7 metre wide driving lanes. Austroads have reported that narrow lanes around the 2.5 metre mark have crash rates around 50 per cent higher than wider lanes. Roads with shoulders of less than half a metre increase the risk of casualty crashes by 1.7 times over roads with wider sealed shoulders. I table these pictures of Beachmere Road, which clearly show the poor condition of the road and the fact that there are no adequate shoulders in long sections of the road.


Tabled paper: Bundle of photographs depicting roads in the Pumicestone electorate


I urge the Minister for Transport and Main Roads to drive along Beachmere Road for himself or watch my Facebook video so that he can understand why an upgrade is so urgently needed.


(Mr Costigan interjected)


I will take that interjection. This is a road safety matter, in that many lives may be saved if action by this government is taken to allocate the necessary funding to make Beachmere Road safe for all motorists. We in Pumicestone electorate say, ‘Delay. No way.’