School’s Out for Labor – LNP Has the Plan

8 Jun 2018 1:00 PMSimone Wilson

Member for Pumicestone and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education, Simone Wilson, heralded today’s announcement by Deb Frecklington as getting our education system back to basics.

“Today the LNP stood up for our hard working teachers, Principals and of course all children with our plan to set education in the right direction”, Ms Wilson said.

“The current curriculum is clogged, bogs our teachers down and is by no means improving our educational standards.

“We want to give children the very best opportunities to leave school with bright minds, to get a job and fulfil their aspirations. 

“By contrast, when it comes to the education of our kids we have a Premier hell-bent on excluding English as a key result of senior assessments.
“We see nothing but all talk and no action by the Labor Government when it comes to our kids’ education.  That is unless it involves a new school in the Education Minister and Deputy Premier’s electorates.

“As Deb said today, “Labor’s decision to scrap English as a mandatory subject for ATAR diminishes the importance of the subject” but an LNP Government won’t let this happen. 

Our plan includes:

•    making English a mandatory subject for ATAR and senior assessments 
•    decluttering the curriculum to have a greater focus on language, literacy and numeracy
•    continue the roll-out of Independent Public Schools 

“Principals, teachers and parents have told me of their concerns with the current curriculum which is why an elected LNP Government will work with them to develop a Queensland guideline that gets us back to basics. 

“In my electorate of Pumicestone there are three Independent Public Schools (IPS) and they are a credit to our community.  

“The LNP recognises that a one-size fits all approach to education simply does not work.  

“That is why we support the ongoing IPS program to give more autonomy to schools and improve overall student outcomes.

“As the Shadow Assistant Education Minister I can proudly say that today’s announcement proves the LNP puts students ahead of unions, and parents, teachers and Principals ahead of left-wing ideology”.