sign my petition to upgrade beachmere road



For too many years the State Government has neglected to prioritise the much needed upgrade to Beachmere Road.  In its current condition, combined with increased traffic volumes, Beachmere Road presents an unacceptable hazard for commuters.  Local residents, businesses and visitors to Beachmere have the right to a safe, hazard free journey when using Beachmere Road.  

Please sign my petition calling on the State Government to begin implementing the planning, financing and construction of the vital Beachmere Road upgrade. 

Hard copies of the petition to sign can be found across local small businesses throughout Beachmere, as well as in my Electorate Office. You can also sign my petition online by clicking here.  



sign my petition to upgrade BRIBIE ISLAND road



Bribie Island Road is our major link to the Bruce Highway and is travelled by thousands of commuters every day - it is a dangerous, ill-planned road. 

In relation to sections of the Bribie Island Road, the Minister for Main Roads has said “Bribie Island is a popular destination for families and tourists and we are seeing higher traffic volumes on the road…” and “We are seeing more crashes occurring…”. 

The State Government must immediately fund solutions to improve the safety of Bribie Island Road and commence the upgrade works it so desperately needs. 

Join me in voicing your concerns. Click here to sign my petition.